The Rapture won't happen the way you think.

The planet Earth is much like the humans living upon it. Like humans, it is formed from two different types of matter; temporal and spiritual. Like humans, it will one day come apart. That day has come. With all the intrigue of Clancy (Sum of all Fears) and the epic scope of Christopher Nolan (Intersellar), this white-knuckle ride will chase you, enlighten you, and perhaps even save you.

Take what thousands of readers call "THE BEARTH JOURNEY" and then see if your life changes.

I promise you will never look at life, or death, the same way again. The events are real. The principalities at work are real, and it's happening right now around you every day. My characters are representative, but genuine. Every effort has been made to entertain, but also to provide you a true story of Earth.